1st Annual Report (Observatory of Algorithms with Social Impact) (OASI) (Eticas)

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Eticas teams up with organizations to identify black box algorithmic vulnerabilities and retrains AI-powered technology with better source data and content.


(Taken from source link) In October 2021, Eticas launched OASI as an answer to the lack of control over the number of algorithms that make crucial decisions in our lives and with a clear potential to harm vulnerable sectors of the population. This registry started with 57 entries and has been constantly updated ever since, counting over 110 after its first year.

In the report, you can find an exhaustive analysis of the algorithms and the tendencies when it comes to domain, impact, or aim, among others. Here you can find some highlights.

Key Concepts

Almost 64% of the registered algorithms are used in public administration. Only 12% of the algorithms registered so far have been properly audited. The domain with the most entries is policing and security.

The three aims with the highest number of entries are complementary to each other: profiling and ranking people, predicting human behavior and evaluating human behavior. Different types of discrimination against particular social groups is by far the most identified impact, being socioeconomic discrimination the most predominant.

Link to resource

OASI 1st Annual Report