AI Ethics: Global Perspectives (The Gov Lab)

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Data-intensive and AI-based technologies can solve the world's biggest challenges, but they also pose risks to individuals and groups. As we deploy new technology, we must consider ethical ramifications of AI use to identify and rectify harms.

Responsible design and use of AI is difficult, but there is an urgent need for it amid the crisis. When organizations adopt new technologies without regard to the wider social, economic, cultural, and political contexts, they can endanger privacy and security and exacerbate inequities in ways that are difficult to reverse.

This course is designed to raise awareness of the societal impacts of technology and to give individuals and institutions the tools to pursue responsible AI use. Intended for current and future data scientists, policymakers, and business leaders, this course contains 19 modules on topics related to artificial intelligence. Each module consists of a video lecture accompanied by additional resources such as podcasts, videos, and readings.

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AI Ethics Course