Missing links in AI governance (UNESCO)

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Direct exert from resource: This book contains thoughts and propositions that cover a wide range of important topics. This includes chapters on the risks and opportunities of AI for Indigenous rights (Toki and Phillips), the potential impacts of these technological developments on LGBTI communities (Horner), the ways in which AI governance can ensure the consideration of diverse voices, including from the Global South (Png; Mbayo), and the tensions that can arise between ethical principles when AI is mobilized 2MISSING LINKS IN AI GOVERNANCE in times of pandemics (Voarino and Régis). Other chapters offer thought-provoking accounts of AI’s impacts on legislative discussions and policy-making (Clement-Jones; i4Policy), on peace and democratic stability through Deepfake manipulations (Muñoz and Marijan), on the opportunities of using AI to support sustainable development (Letouzé et al.; Shawe-Taylor et al.), and on inclusive innovation (Future Earth; Dieng).

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Creating Missing links in AI governance (UNESCO)