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The Scottish AI Playbook is the culmination of our first year of outreach and engagement. With the support of the Scottish AI community it will become a great resource for anyone in Scotland embarking on their AI journey. We now need you, members of the Scottish AI community, to get involved with collaborating, creating, moderating and promoting the Scottish AI Playbook to make it a useful, necessary and relevant resource for anyone embarking on their AI journey.

There are four key ways that you can get involved with the Scottish AI Playbook.

Suggest Partner Organisations

We are keen to have partner organisations on board to curate areas of the Playbook that are relevant to their sector area. Have an idea for a partner organisation? Send it over to us for review. Email with the subject line "Playbook Partner Organisation" with some details about your proposed partner organisation.

Create And Edit Playbook Pages

We encourage you to add and edit pages to the wiki with AI-related content and resources that will be beneficial to the Scottish AI community and the wider public. Go to our Create a Page area to start creating but be sure to read our Article Naming Conventions first.

Become A Volunteer Moderator

We are continuing to seek volunteer moderators for the Scottish AI Playbook as the Playbook grows. If you have a research, academic, technical, business or legislative background in AI we would love to hear from you. Your contribution will be vital in ensuring the ongoing accuracy, relevance and trustworthiness of the information contained in the Scottish AI Playbook. You can express interest in becoming a Volunteer Moderator by completing this form.

Share the Scottish AI Playbook

The Scottish AI Playbook relies on the Scottish AI community working together and collaborating to make this a relevant and useful resource. Spread the work about the Scottish AI Playbook across your networks so that we may develop and grow the Playbook together.